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Pomelo fruits are usually eaten fresh. Fruit pulp of the pomelo is also used in salads, for example Thai spicy pomelo salad. The peel of pomelo can be used to dehydrate.
The pomelo fruit (grapefruit variety) is the largest of all citrus fruits. It has a very thick rind (much thicker than in any other citrus) and is filled with a sweetish yellow or pink flesh.
Available products: dehydrated pomelo skin slices, chunks dices


Sugar:    Regular added cane sugar.
Colour:  no added colour (natural green pomelo) or green azo or non-azo colorant added.
SO2:    Regular (<100ppm) or no (<10ppm).
Packing: 20kg (4x5) / 10kg (2x5) /  Retail packs  



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Pomelo slices green

Pomelo natural green

Pomelo fresh

Fresh pomelo skin cutted

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