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Pumpkin kernels

Pumpkin kernels

Hulled pumpkin seeds are used in variety of recipes worldwide. 
The kernels can be used in breads, cookies or baked goods. In Central Europe and Eastern Europe it is more common to extract the oil from the kernels, which is used in salad dressing as well as in cooking. Pumpkin seed oil is generally mixed with other oils because of its robust flavour. 
Origin: China, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
Products: GWS, Shine skin and Snow white.
Variations: Roasted and/ or Salted. Pumpkin chips.
Cultivation: Conventional / Organic.
Packaging: 15-25 kg. net paper bags / 1000 kg. Big bags.

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Kernels organic

Kernels snow white A

Kernels Shine skin A

Kernels roasted and salted

Kernels GWS A

Kernels shine skin AA

Kernels GWS AA

Kernels snow white AA

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