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Banana Chips

Banana Chips

Banana Chips are freshly produced from mature green bananas of the Saba variety, also called Cardava. The bananas are carefully selected, peeled, washed, sliced and fried in coconut oil, sorted, and dipped in a sugar solution, fried for the second time, metal detected and packed for export.  Each slice is thin and crunchy and can be eaten alone as a snack or mixed with other products such as cereals, cakes, ice creams and much more.
Origin: The Philippines.
Variaties: wholes, quarters, brokens, Japanese grade. All these variaties can be sweetened, honey dipped or unsweetened and without flavor.
Packing: 15 and 18 lbs cartons. Quantity per 20” FCL:  1670 cartons. Quantity per 40” FCL :  3400 cartons.


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Banana fresh

Banana whole


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